Monday, July 6, 2009


I was working and we were soooo busy...I amost missed the time! Did not know what cool thing to do at the last I took a pic of my favorite saying and the clock!!! Everyone did a good job! Thanks for all the Facebook pics too!

All who played will be entered into random[dot]org or com for a cool prize~

Until 8.9.10.....

*****Take your picture at 11 minutes 12 seconds after 10 EITHER am or pm, your choice****
Last night Chris thought of this cool idea to have everyone take a photo at the same time!

Are you in? Here's how to play:

1 Have your camera handy on July 8th-this Wednesday

2 Take a photo of whatever you are doing when your clock says 10:11 am or pm. (we won't worry about timezones)

3 Challenge yourself to think outside of the box in how you take the photo or don't worry about that part and just snap one real quick!

4 Post the photo on your blog or an online gallery. Leave a comment on my blog linked to your photo...a prize may be involved ;)


Somebody's Nobody said...

Okay. That's our 9 year anniversary that day. And that would make it the 8th, our 9 year, at 10:11.12 So I'm totally in on this. But it is our anniversary so hmmmmmm....what kind of picture are we gonna take? Might be kinda kinky.

Dreamgirl said...

I'm game...
Will be gone the whole day so I might not be able to post it until Thursday morning though.

Fun Challenge!


graciegirl said...

Sound like fun...hmmm Im applying for a pastport at that time could be intresting;)

Nanni said...

Midnightsun from Nanni who right now is in the northern part of Norway, it is sunny all day - all night, wonderful!


Amos said...

I'm in. Here are my pictures. Seeing that I have to work tomorrow I don't think my eye will be open to see 10:11:12 p.m. LOL.

Domestic Diva said...

Thanks Amos for playing! GREAT pictures!!! You mean the WORLD to me;)

Domestic Diva said...

Thanks everyone for the pics uploaded to Facebook!

graciegirl said...

Didnt get home till later just posted my 10:11 pic.
Im off to visit the other blogs.

Dreamgirl said...

Check out my picture at

HUGS to you all

(Hey Diva... now you get to meet one of my best friends Nanni! She is awesome)

Nanni said...

Good evening from Nanni in the beutiful light of Lofoten, north of Norway... The sun always shines here during summertime.

So nice to read what Dreamgirl said, she´s one of my closest friends and I LOVE her!
Ha det bra! (Goodbye!)

Dreamgirl said...

Hi Diva!

I haven't seen you around for awhile. Vacation?

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm using my nights messing with the HTML on my page and it's driving me nuts... NEED TO SLEEP!

Look forward to some new posts here soon!