Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lets see....it has been a LONG time since I've used this blog...my heart still wants to write...but I am not really good at it. So maybe I will just say what ever and post some pics....yeah, that sounds about right for me. :)

This year has been very challenging physically for me...I should have been blogging all along the way! However, I have kept a prayer journal...mostly because I did not want my sometimes ugly attitude to be made public. God was really working some things out in me that needed lots of purging. Some would think as life goes on that it gets easier...for the most part it does. There are just some things that are still painful and people still can hurt us...it's what we choose to do with those hurts that make us better people.

Miki...thanks for the love!!!

So here are some pics...
Camping with wonderful friends in beautiful Rocky mtn natl park.

My rendition of cherry blossoms for a couples event at church.

My little drummer boy...too cute!
My skinny but fast and handsome runner...
First hike in a very long time...crutches and all :)