Monday, June 8, 2009

Projects, book club and weather

This weekend was really weird. Friday night we had a huge thunder and lightening storm. It made me miss OK....pretty much had a rainy COLD weekend. Very strange weather for here. We even had a tornado touch down at Southlands Mall and it turned over some cars! No one was hurt PTL!

Several topics come to my mind today:

1. My wonderful friend Betsy is making her way home after TWO long weeks in CA! Woohoo! I can't wait! She made me take some days off work to play with her...yep, she twisted my arm ;) She reminds me so much of Michelle O. They would get along great.

2. Trying to work today is almost impossile. Can't type or talk...I think it is the weird weather.

3. I am working on several projects...aprons, scrapbook pages, pj shorts and I want to start a quilt. Just take a look at this YUMMY fabric from Amy Butler...
This is called August Fields, Wild Bouquet.
Or what about this one....
This one is Midwestern modern, Pink Dahlia.

Thanks Jaye for introducing me to this wonderful designer!

4. My book club is reading "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. I just started the book on Friday and it seems to be a great read. The beginning is very sad and since Saundra would not tell me the ending, I had to read if for myself... otherwise I would have been depressed during the 300 or so pages. I am bad about reading the endings first!
I need to hurry and read it, (the middle portion as I am hosting the girls on June, that is next week! Where does the time go?
Anyone have any suggestions for books to read?


Amy said...

Can't really remember what mix of people are in this book club but Karen Kingsbury books are great reads. Although be sure to get a box of kleenex because I usually cry through a majority of them. She is a Christian author.

I like the August Fields fabrics, very nice.

Domestic Diva said...

Amy, you are the 3rd person that has said those were good....I will put some on the list...which ones did you like best? Or just any?

Dreamgirl said...

I love the fabrics. You are such a crafty girl... I admire you!

Bookclub *sigh* I want to start one. I have to say I love to read. My favorite right now is the Cathedral by the Sea (from Barcelona during the Middleages). It kept me awake for 3 nights until I finished it.


Simmons girlz said...

Thanks for the comments. I have recently fell in LOVE with Amy Butler's designs! I just need to slow my imagination down long enough for my hands to get it done!!
Where did you find a tracker for you blog? I have been looking for a code to post one on mine.