Thursday, June 18, 2009

If I could have it all....

I would love to sing like Amy Winehouse...something about her REHAB her voice!

I would have Michelle Obamas arms...I know there are better pics out there, I just couldn't find computer won't let you search images.

I would want Meagan Foxes hair and BEAUTIFUL blue eyes.
...and Jennifer Annistons cute bod!
But most of all, I would love to have Laura Bush's intellect, class, and
tenacity! She is my hero!
My wonderful HUBBY and the kiddos...I wouldn't change for the WORLD!
They are my reason for being!
If you could have it all...what would you pick?


Dreamgirl said...

I would have a front porch with a swing, appetite like a moth, time for my friends, ability that matched my creativity, sun almost every day, snow for two weeks around Christmas, cooking abilities like Nigella (her body too in fact) and the stamina of a marathon runner...

All of these things would be great, but even greater yet is the fact that I have most of the things in life a girl could want - and for that I'm grateful!

I'm glad I have a friend like you...

Domestic Diva said... are so creative...I love your list!

Miss you very is Norway in March? We are trying to be VERY cost effective...

Somebody's Nobody said... I wouldn't want any of those things for you because we probably just wouldn't match up the same and wouldn't be Nobodies anymore. So I love you just the way you are. You're probably the only person that would change you.

If I could change something about myself I would wat the abs of the chicks on the sidebar in search engines. I would love to have those great muscles. There are probably a million other things I would want too, but whatever. I'll just take it like it is.

semic70 said...

Babe, I wouldn't change 1 thing about you!!! I love you just the way you are!!!

Domestic Diva said... are the bestest Nobody around! What would I do without all your love and encouragement! Be a nobody I gues! Love you up to the sky and back!

Amos said...

I agree with Nobody, we wouldn't have the same bubbily, sweet, generous, hostess with the mostest, friend with all that stuff. I Love You just the way you are too Diva!!!