Monday, June 15, 2009

I am soooo proud of my boys. This weekend was their first ever track meet. Si ran a 7 min mile! Yoohoo! He came in he has his work to do. He has a great build for track and he is determined to practice to run the mile in 6 minutes or below. Si likes, even though I ran track in HS, I just wanted to get it over I was a sprinter. Guess that doesn't say much for my stamina! JJ is my and furious...that's the way to go!

Oh, and this is rich...about a month ago between church services, Si was talking to some girls...and he was actually FLIRTING! That made me do a double take! I can remember the first middle school dance of the year...he did not want to go because he didn't think it was worth $5.00 to eat pizza and just sit there! So here is a pic of him talking amoungst his peers at the meet.
We had to leave the meet early because we were BBQing at 5. Our couples group is so big, we wanted to just hang out and get to know a couple of people. The rain threatened it some, but we endured. After dinner, the kids challenged the men to kickball. Boy, the dad's do not have ANY mercy for for the kids, including girls...the mom's kept trying to convince them to take it easy on them, but much to our dismay, they acted terrible! Especially when they scored or when they got a kid out! Men!

There were 7 families altoghter. We were all so tired for church the next day!!!!

Here are the kids...(17 in all) waiting for their turn to kick.
This last pic is a view from our deck....we are so blessed to live here!

What fun stuff did you do on your weekend?


Dreamgirl said...

Hi Domestic Diva!

Great pictures, great family and awesome deck! You sure are blessed to live in a beautiful place (much prettier than Tulsa -huh?)

This weekend I just hung around the house at Hvitsten preparing for my big summer party yesterday. I had 30 teachers come here for coffee and cakes in the afternoon. First I had sent them on a very difficult car quiz (or whatever you call it...) They ended up at the pier in a small coastal village and we had a great dinner at the restaurant there - and then everyone came over to our house. It was a looooooong day!

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Amos said...

Ahhh, way to go Boys!!!! They are SO grown up!

And hey, way to go Schnee on beating up your children in kickball, LOL. Boys will be boys!

Dreamgirl said...

I have a challenge for you at SweeterLiving,
Check it out - it might be fun!