Friday, November 28, 2008

Time every turn I am reminded how precious friendship is! Our family is still transitioning into our new lifestyle, and while I want the old one back sometimes, I praise God for where we are now! This Thanksgiving was interesting, to say the least. With the Schnee gone, the kids and I had to bring other things to the fore front to be thankful for. Here is a list of what we came up with:
  • God provides His love, His strength, His hope and His forgiveness abundantly.
  • We have each other and family really is the most important thing.
  • Our house is warm and cozy.
  • We have food on the table.
  • Schnee and I have jobs. So many here have lost their jobs....both husband and wife! Yikes!
  • That we are all healthy, since insurance doesn't kick in until Jan.
  • Our wonderful friends that rally around us in support of the transitions that are taking place.
  • My wonderful mom that drops everything for her daughter, even though I am a brat sometimes.

So the neighbors came over for lunch and my mom met someone on the plane on the way here, and she invited them also. They all left around 430 - 5. I took a little nap. And right when I woke up and was a little sad, the doorbell rings and there is 2 families coming over to play games. Not much later, 2 wonderful girls (they are late 20's) came over to play too! We felt so blessed!!!!

That's it!!! I hope y'all had an abundantly joyous Thanksgiving! I leave y'all with some pics of my adorable guys!!!

We created a monster...this is JJ jammin' at a Toby Mac concert! They both loved

It is cold outside!!! We finally got our first snow November 28th. Not much but enough for me.


Somebody's Nobody said...

Wow! Look how big to boys are! I'm glad you had what turned out to be a very fun Thanksgiving. At least Chris was home some of the time. Pretty pic of the snowy tree. That is great. You need to get on Facebook girl. Amy and I are chattin all day and night and where are you in the evenings? Not on Facebook.

Amos said...

They are SO grown up!! I wish I could've been there for Turkey Day. And Nobody and I only chat in the evenings on Facebook, so don't let her give you a complex. When she doesn't get kicked off that is! Love You!!!!

amazingbrenda said...

A good list to be Thankful for. Glad to know your mom was there. Hope she had a good time. The boys are so big. OMG! And handsome. Love the tree. Looks very nice. Yeah, get on Faacebook so I can delete my blogspot prof. hehe. I'm hardly ever here. But I do check you guys's blogs. :)