Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This post was written 10/11...but I uploaded the pictures 9/23.... :)

Our first snow of the season is supposed to happen today...kinda excited for the change but I am not sure if I am ready for the LONG winter!

My heart aches for all those that have lost loved ones recently. It is at times like these that words just seem so inadequate. It's like you feel so much pain for the hurting families, that you want to do something, but what? I just pray for strength for them all! It really makes me realize that life is TOO short to hold on to grudges or offenses. That is exactly what the devil would have us do and then if something terrible happens, we are stuck with the fact that we never let offenses go. The thing to remember is that no one is perfect. We all have regrets; we’ve all made bad choices, and said foolish things; we’ve all wasted time, and hurt ourselves and others. But since we all mess up, we should be willing to get over ourselves and forgive.
"Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands. Isaiah 43:18-19 (MSG)
I am not saying everyone has to be best friends, (times change, people change, interests change) I am just saying if there is are hurt feelings, don't just push them under the carpet and ignore them. Forgive not only others but yourself as well! I have really learned to forgive myself for past mistakes. Boy that is the hardest....for me anyway. But God has given me a peace that I cannot explain. Even though I want fences mended and relationships restored in the natural, I am to a point in my walk with God that fills the void of those broken relationships and challenges me to be a better friend, wife, and mother. To actually walk in the Spirit so I WONT fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Wow, didn't mean to be so deep this morning....

I have been scrapbooking latetly since Schnee is stepping out into his new career and works late...boy I have NEVER seen him so excited about his job....he was called to do this! Even the other people he works with say so! I am so happy for him and well our family as well. The boys are doing great. I love my job...but I look forward to school in January!

I miss my Nobody!!!! She is busy having the time of her life in NYC!!!! Love you nobody!!!

Rubi sent pics of Bella....oh my....too cute!! Can't wait to see her in person!!!

This post was written 10/11...but I uploaded the pictures 9/23....:)

Love these wall rub ons!!
JJ's new favorite job...yuck

New kitchen color...finally got rid of the Bronco orange.

Chris' debut as a rapper. The kids LOVE his energy and his craziness.

Love to all!


Amos said...

I just love the Word of God. What an incredible scripture that is so fitting for us to use in our everyday lives. He has something for every situation. What a glorious reunion it will be when not only do we get to see our loved ones again, but the answers will finally be clear.

I am so excited for Schnee, what a great blessing this change has been.

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody's Nobody said...

Love love love the pics. I know you have a hard schedule right now...you will make it. It is worth it right? I know you can do it and maybe it will help those crazy pasttimes come out in full force....like scrapbooking. Love you lots. Catch up soon now that I'm back. :)

kozgirl said...

You two are awesome! I love you both. Your commitment to each other is refreshing. Love all the pics. Would love to hear more about Chris' job and yours too! Miss you, and I promise to send measurements soon!!!!

kozgirl said...

EEk! I need to change that profile pic!

amazingbrenda said...

Hey friend we miss you. Your kitchen looks awesome!!!! Love the color. Your deco looks great. I want to see pictures of Bella too. When are you going to see them?

Luv you guys!!