Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer wrap up...in pictures

This is a view from Si's bedroom....beautiful!
Of course scrapbooking is on the back burner because all my friends hike...
they don't scrapbook...but we love it now also!
The next 8 pics are from our hike on Labor day weekend.

This bad boy nest is in our neighbor's tree...full of wasps!
The neighbor (the dad) was trying to hit the nest with a rock and he couldn't so
he asked Si to throw a rock and see if could hit it...
Well, Si did and JJ got stung a couple of times b/c he was close by watching the whole show!

Not a great picture, but our small gathering for Labor day turned
into 42 people, of course including kids!
( all my pictures were bad, especially the ones with us playing volleyball, Schnee changed the settings on the camera and I did not check it first)

That's all for now. We are so sad for the Davis' and the Morrisons! Our thoughts and prayers are with them. The Schnee is headed to T-town to pay our respects.
We love you all!!!


smiling's my favorite said...

I am so jealous. I want some mountains too! :(
Okay, living in "T-Town", I really feel uninformed. What happened to the Morrison's and the Davis's?

Somebody's Nobody said...

Hmmmmm.....if I lived there I would want to hike too. The walking trails of Sioux Falls aren't too enticing though. I can't believe how big natalie has gotten in that picture. She was only 3 months old or so when i saw her last. Cutie! Nice hornets nest too. You have some wise wise neighbors to tell Josiah to throw a rock at it :( Was that Tony? That is a cool pic though. It looks big. And I'm glad to see you blogged again. Love you much.

Amos said...

And here I thought I had left a comment, ummm, nope, guess not. Love the pictures, just wish that we would've been there hiking with y'all. Sweet Labor Day party, sorry the recovery was so long. But I felt your pain the very next weekend with the 30 or so people at my house too. Wish I was there to scrapbook with you, I don't remember what it's like to do that after a 5 month hiatis. Love you!!!!

amazingbrenda said...

Very nice pictures. I wish I was there. Yikes!!! Wasp nest. I hate them bugs!!!

Awe I ant to scrapbook...SOOON!!! :)

kozgirl said...

wow! those mountains are beautiful! i was just thinking how beautiful my new view is, but it is nothing compared to yours!!

you are a brave mom letting your boys way up on that rock! miss ya!