Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yea for moms!

Well....I have been working all SUMMER! What a big bummer for my kiddos! And not just a couple of hours, but a TON, like 48 a week! The price of waiting a job so bad! Trying to figure out how I did it in OK...hummmm?

On a great note however, my mom came in Sunday for a whole month! Yea for mom's who help out! Yesterday when I walked into the house from work, it smelled HEAVENLY!

Not much else going on.

Our paint a thon was a big success.

Schnee got awesome free tickets to the CR game...but they lost :( He said Si almost caught a ball from Holliday....:)

Thats it, short and sweet!


Somebody's Nobody said...

Busy busy Nobody.

smiling's my favorite said...

I agree... working all the time can be a bummer! My mom moved to Phx. in June. I really miss her. It must be nice to have your's there with you.

Amos said...

Your mommasita is such a blessing. I'm glad she was there to help you out in the midst of the crazy start to working again. I'm sorry I missed seeing her this time. It's amazing how attached you get to your friends' family too!!!