Friday, July 11, 2008

Where does the time go?

I cannot believe I haven't updated my blog in a I a really am a blog teaser!! So much has been going on, not quite sure where to began.

* Our live-in's are still "living in"...their place is now ready but they want to take their time moving. We have had a great time with them this summer. Getting to know them has been awesome. Of course, it was tight at times, but we made it work. It helped that the boys were with GMA for two weeks so we weren't so cramped. But I had my brother, SIL and their fam come for a long weekend and my cousin and her fam come for a different long weekend. It was almost to the point that we had to shower in the open space. :)

* Since the boys were in AZ for two weeks, they came back Mexican brown....just like their mommy! It was incredible how handsome they looked! Of course they look like their HANDSOME daddy, they just get their nice coloring from me.

*Funny thing happened on the way to the airport: JJ had diarrhea...well, he was holding we get to the airport, had to change his unders in the van, (of course the ONLY napkin I had in the van used old and crumbly, but what do you do)
We get into the terminal, go to the bathroom. Wait in LONG line to check in since they are unaccompanied minors, go to the bathroom 2x's. Go to the LONGER security line, beg JJ to try and hold it...he can't....b4 we broad the tram, go to the bathroom. Exit the tram, go to the bathroom. Run to the gate, we have 15 minutes to board, go to the bathroom and go to the airport store and buy 4ozs of pepto for $7.99!!!! Highway robbery! Go to the bathroom....hear us being paged, run to the gate, EVERYONE is in line waiting for us...they cannot board the plane until the UNACCOMPAINED Minors that have checked in...The employees were really nice...the passengers were giving us mean looks. I quick hand Si the Pepto and tell him to give JJ some on the plane. I didn't get a chance to kiss and hug them :( Then, not listening to the Holy Spirit that told me to stick around, leave because I am embarressed. I am to the train when I hear my name, again, being paged to return to the this 40 something 180lb women is running through the terminal, would have been funny to see! Get to the gate, ALL the passengers are boarded, the stewardess says, "I'm so sorry Mrs. Imes, we cannot distribute any type of medication to a minor. Can you please board the plane and give your youngest son his medication." She was sweet...I get on the plane, everyone is seated looking up at me while I give JJ some Pepto....I held the plane up 2 x's!

*We are busy gearing up for our "Inside Out" paint a thon. The Schnee and are heading that up. Lots of work.

* Our "new" life is going well, both busy and ajusting to new schedules, jobs, etc. God has truly blessed the work of our hands!

*Going to help Amos paint her BEAUTIFUL house in June made me miss the green, that is until we stepped out into the humidity! One night after a long day of painting, Schnee was trying to figure out what was wetter, his do rag around his head or his undies! Gross! Bonus to the painting fun, Nobody came too! It was like a mini reunion! I cannot wait until our bash in Salt Lake in 09...any takers?

Okay...enough babbling for now....God's blessings and love to y'all!


Amos said...

Hey, you get the Mom of the Year award for holding up the plane!! Oh my goodness I would've been embarrassed too. Stuff like that never happens in a convenient time. Glad they came back golden brown, of course maybe some of that is imbedded dirt from lack of showering, LOL. Thank God for the pool huh!

Hope you are adjusting to your new schedule, and enjoying the quiet in your house!!!

Somebody's Nobody said...

Awwww....I miss you Nobody. I don't like this new schedule you have. It totally cuts out our time. I know it is a blessing that you have the job though.

As far as the house"guests" go...I can't believe that you have survived the past few months. I mean really. I really can't believe it. I could not have done what you did and stayed sane. Lovin the story of the diarrhea. That'll be one to tell at his wedding.

kozgirl said...

What a story! Poor JJ. and Poor you!! I would have been sweating like a pig by the time the whole escapade was done - ha!

I'm glad you are enjoying your new ventures. How many hours is Schnee taking at school?

Monika said...

Hey, I can not believe i've found you. I read some of your blogs, I hope it's OK. Your lives seem quite eventfull. We miss game nights at your place. So much has happened since then! I can not believe how big your boys got! Miss you guys,
Monika Panas

Domestic Diva said...

Yea!!!! I am glad we reconnected Monika!!!!! Amos gave your address so I can send you a christmas card... :) I really MISS playing Clue with you....everytime we play, I think about you and your hubby and ALL our holiday's together! I miss sometime

amazingbrenda said...

LOl, that is so funny but not. Poor JJ. I agree with Jay- good story to tell at his wedding.

Wow, more Grace to you. That sure is a full house. You are such a great hostess. We miss you guys terribly. That' s it, I'm moving in with you. hehe.