Saturday, May 3, 2008

Family Fiesta @ JJ's school

Mom "Jayden what do you think of the Pinata you and dad made?"

Jayden "It's kinda cool."
Mom "Just kinda, why don't you like it too much?"
Jayden "Well it really doesn't look that good."
Mom "Oh. Why do you say that?"
Jayden "I think it would look better if we made it AND we spoke Spanish."
Mom "Really?"
Jayden "Yea, I bet Concha, a girl in my class that speaks Spanish will have a really cool one."
Jayden "Oh and Mr. Finn my Spanish teacher because he lived in Mexico before."
Mom "Makes sense."
Jayden "Maybe I should have made the pinata with you. But I don't hear you talk in Spaninsh too much since Ms. Brenda moved, so maybe it wouldn't come out as good either."
So after looking at them all...I guess he is right!!!

Here is cute boy climbing the rock wall!


Somebody's Nobody said...

That is so cute!! and so funny. I've heard you speakin words en Espanol. Only you ain't talkin bout the weather. ha!

Semic70 said...

Amé el hacer del pinata con Jayden, nosotros tenía diversión. La goma de la harina comenzó a apestar después de algunos días. Me sentía mal que no podría hablar español y nuestro pinata era también gringo, pero teníamos diversión de todos modos.

taking care of 6 said...

Well, I think JJ's pinata is great! And I have no idea what Schnee just said :) But I bet they had fun making it together.

amazingbrenda said...

LOl, that hilarous!! What exactly was that suppose to be? j/k

I can't stop laughing at Chris's spanish, apestar?? si, la maza, despues de un rato empieza a apestar. That's hilarious!!! Amigos, tienen que practicar su espanol. :) Cuando nos mudemos a America, entonces practicaremos mas.

Amos said...

Sa-Weet! I didn't know that making a pinata would instantly cause you to speak Spanish. I am going to make one today so that I can speak to the framers at our house. They will be impressed for sure! LOL. Schnee, you goober! But hey, I think the pinata looks great, JJ is too cute!

Trendy Texan said...

That is so funny! I didn't know that Concha was still a name people use to name their kiddos. I had to read this story to A. because I thought it would make him laugh, plus we got to see C. and J. in the picture.