Wednesday, May 21, 2008

103 Degrees

Our neighbor rented a drum sander and called us Sunday afternoon to see if we wanted to borrow it....Schnee said yes and thus the process began of redoing our deck....It probably took him 2 hours on Sunday afternoon to move furniture and sand. Then on Monday, he stayed home because he wasn't feeling well. Around noonish he decided to finish the job and restain it.

I was pulling weeds while he was staining. "It is so hot today." he said like ten times! I told him that it wasn't that bad....I thought he was just hot because he was working hard. "Man, I haven't been sweating like this since Oklahoma," he said. But alas, he continued on, he even sanded our neighbors picnic table with a hand sander. Roughly we were outside from noon until 5 pm.

Shcnee came inside and cleaned up. When he sat down he said he was still I took his was only 102.9 degrees! Poor Schnee! But now we have a beautiful refinished deck! Always look at the positive, that's what I say!

Just a pic of a cute flower in my pot...I love pink!

Weird glasses huh? Si just being goofy.

JJ's blow dart gun and handmade target...
he made a 300!


Amos said...

Wow, why would anyone ever paint that pretty wood? It looks like a million bucks now. Great job for sweatin' out the fever Schnee! It probably should've been Schneeing while you were sanding, it would've cooled you off. Love your pretty flower too!

Hey, Ryan got that same dart shooter from Target too. He loved it. Si you are a goof! Hmmm wonder which one he gets that from?

Hey, can you take off the word verification thing, I swear that thing hates me. I end up doing it over like 3 times, and the words are normal looking really. I promise, LOL. Yeah yeah Schnee, I can just hear ya now bro!

Somebody's Nobody said...

I love that target he made. That is so cute. I think you should patent it. And the deck is killer. It looks so great!! That is a lot of nice job. Fever and all.

taking care of 6 said...

Wow, what a beautiful deck! Yay Schnee - what a guy, sweatin it out! Hope he got some much deserved rest after all that.

Love the flower. Gorgeous!

The boys are too cute! What a fun family :)

amazingbrenda said...

Awesome deck guys! Way to got schnee, you get a pat on the back. It looks very nice. I should come & sit on the deck, it looks so inviting.

Cool shooter, Si is so funny. Like the glasses.