Friday, April 25, 2008

To all the girls I've loved before... :0) Hats off to you!

Growing up my birthdays were always uneventful. A tax day birthday w/7 siblings...kinda hard to do much. But ever since I have been adult and have made friends w/ some of the best people birthdays have been exceptional! My dear, wonderful friends have always remembered and helped me celebrate my special day!

Margo gave me a cool do one year, pro bono!
One year the Shaeffers hosted a surprise banana split party...
Rubi through me a surprise party...w/a pinata to boot.
Amos, Amanda, Teya, and Erin kidnapped me one morning.....early....for breakfast @ Mimi's
Nobody planned a big scavenger hunt one year.
This year Saundra hosted a surprise breakfast at her was decorated so beautifully!

Almost every year, I get to go scrapbooking with my g-friends....this year was no different....Amos and I were able to go to Nobody's house in SD for a FAB weekend of laughter, shopping and scrapbooking!!!!! Nobody waited on us hand and foot and made some delicious food! Amos got me the coveted Pink Paislee line...both of them!

So, I decided to began my new blog giving kuddos to my wonderful friends:

Andrea....I know 3 now!

What a blessing y'all have been to me over the years! You are all WONDERFUL women who holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for all the GREAT memories and all your love toward me! May God bless your generosity with His generosity! I cannot express how y'all have touched my life and made it so much better....

I love y'all!


amazingbrenda said...

Thank Guru, We love you & appreciate you. I couldn't ask for a better friend!!! Hope to have more memorable B-days!!

Somebody's Nobody said...

Hey Nobody!!! Back in the blogger realm. So happy you're here. I mean seriously. Could really have not had a blog when everyone else was on here? C'mon woman! That scavenger hunt was the best. I think B-renda and I rocked the Sonic commercial

Amos said...

Hey, I never got to see the Sonic commercial, why in the world did I even remotely try to go find an Easter outfit and missed out on the fun! Goober me. Guru, you are simply the best and we love to make your b-day the bomb! Love you and miss you already!!!!

taking care of 6 said...

YAY!! I love that you are back. Helps me feel more connected. You and Schnee are such beautiful and generous people, it is no surprise that your friends love to make you feel special on your bday! I feel honored to be on your list of gems! You are a real treasure my dear - love ya!!

amazingbrenda said...

Yah, the sonic commercial, I will put it on dvd & mail it to you guys, I promise!!!!

Semic70 said...

I just want to take this opportunity to also extend my thanks to all of our friends. You have all been a major blessing to me. The friendship that you've shown to me and Lilah has been awesome & irreplacable.
Without all of you I would not have been able to give Lilah all of those wonderful birthday presents and parties, so again.....Thank you!!

Trendy Texan said...

Aww, that's so nice Lilah. I'll never forget the time we went spying on our husbands just because we were bored. We always enjoyed our many times at your home. Miss you lots.